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Cody Brown

Partner - Blockchain

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Cody is a strong DevSecOps Engineer with top-level qualifications in cyber operations and security-at-scale. For the past decade, Cody has delivered strategic and innovative solutions for both the public and private sector, with a focus on distributed security, cyber risk management, and business process efficiency.

Prior to founding his own firms, Cody served honorably in a variety of senior positions on national-scale projects. As a Senior Software Engineer, he created enterprise systems to do everything from threat intel analysis to offensive cyber, test orchestration, and knowledge management. As a leader, he has managed dozens of technical teams on high-pressure efforts, developed and facilitated thousands of hours of tailored cyber training for industry experts, and helped countless people achieve the best in life.

Cody holds a Master of Information Technology from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations from Dakota State.